Our Products

All paneling is available in Western Red Cedar or Douglas Fir and in 8′, 10′ and 12′ lengths.


  • Vjoint/T&G
    • 1×4″ 1×6″ 1×8″ smooth, reversible, kiln dried.  
  • Channel
    • 1×6″ and 1×8″, rough or smooth face, kiln dried. 
  • Ship Lap
    • 1×3″, 1×4″ and 1×6″ 
Available Grades
  • Clear
  • Vertical Grain
  • Select Tight Knot (STK)
  • #2 
  • #3 or Cabin Grade

Available in Western Red Cedar or Douglas Fir with a rounded edge profile.


Whether it is for a gardening project, siding or decking, real cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects. It is naturally beautiful and adds another level of warmth and beauty to any project. It is one of the most sustainable building materials available. Also available in Shiplap and Tongue and Groove profiles. Come talk to us about Cedar products to enhance your outdoor living space. A gorgeous deck, a classic pergola, outdoor privacy nooks or screens, outdoor sectionals, outdoor dinning tables, outdoor kitchen for open air cooking!

  • Available is 2×4″, 2×6″ and 2×8″ lengths from 2-12′. Available green or kiln dried. 

Live Edge Douglas Fir SlabS

Beautiful, kiln dried live edge slabs. 3″, 2″ and 1″ 17′ long. Anywhere from 12″ 36″ wide

Solid Wood Flooring

We manufacture solid wood flooring for custom orders. Minimum 1000 sqft volume requirement. Our standard thickness  3/4″ and we can produce  a variety of widths, 3 1/4 , 5 1/4 up to 7″ 


 Custom moulding/milling available, minimum order requirements. We build our own custom knives for the moulder and are able to offer unique profiles or match existing patterns

Douglas fir

The wood of the Douglas fir is medium-weight and, in comparison to other coniferous woods, fairly hard. It is subject to low shrinkage and has good stability. It is strong and elastic. The grain is generally straight, although occasionally a wavy grain is present.   The  sapwood  is narrow in width and light in colour. The heartwood ranges from yellowish to reddish-brown. Earlywood and latewood have a pronounced difference in colour—latewood has darker, more sharply defined bands


Western Red cedar

Western red cedar is a resilient and versatile species that can be used in a wide variety of exterior and interior building applications. It is one of the most valuable conifers owing to the unique colour, texture and durability of its wood. It is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage, so no chemical treatment is required. Its superior durability, aesthetic beauty and dimensional stability make it an excellent choice for exterior applications in residential or commercial projects. The Heartwood is Pinkish- or reddish-brown to dark chocolate-brown. On exposure to light, the colour becomes more uniform. Exposed to the weather, it assumes a pleasing silver-grey colour over time. The annual growth rings are distinct, defined by narrow bands of latewood. Transition from earlywood to latewood is abrupt in narrow rings and gradual in fast-growing, wide-ringed wood. The wood is generally straight-grained; has a uniform but medium coarse texture.

Cedar available at BRKH