Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our Mission is to manufacture custom, quality wood products that are locally sourced, and  environmentally and economically sustainable.  

McBride Peak

Extraordinary Experiences

” Whether you are sitting in your home admiring the beauty and warmth of your Fir flooring, or enjoying your outdoor space accented by Cedar , you’ll feel a sense of pride and a connection to where the tree grew and where the wood came from.”

“You know that the wood was harvested sustainably, and you appreciate that an imperfection in a piece of wood translates to “real”.

Our Core Values

BRKH is  locally owned by a Not-for-Profit society whose objective is to serve the social, environmental and economic needs of the community. 

BRKH is committed  to best forestry practices, biodiversity, fair trade- fair wages, buying local and supporting local

This diversification of a value-added wood products industry will support the community in economic development, build community resiliency and contribute to the overall economic stability in the region

What does "BRKH" Mean?

The name BRKH is derived from the four drainages in the Dunster Community Forest Footprint. The Baker, the Raush, the Kiwa and Horsey.