Fostering a healthy community

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they shall never sit in. – Greek proverb

Fostering a Healthy Community

Sustainable Forestry

Forests that benefit our current and future generations in order to build strong communities .

Sustainable forestry means carefully managing a forest, extracting some of the resources, replacing these with seedlings that will eventually grow into mature trees in order to maintain the forest's long term health.

Value-added Wood Products

We are committed to best forestry practices, biodiversity, fair trade- fair wages, buying local and supporting local- we are connected to where the tree grew and we strive to use the whole tree. Diversification of the value-added wood products industry will support the community in economic development, build community resiliency and contribute to the overall economic stability in the region.

Happenings in our Workshop

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Our World. our responsibility.

B.C. is recognized as a global leader in sustainable forest management, meeting the environmental, social and economic needs of current and future generations. Stringent forest laws, skilled forestry professionals, comprehensive monitoring and enforcement support our renewable resource. This is further reinforced by Canada being the international leader in forest certification, with B.C. contributing more than any other province. The forest sector plays an important role in the B.C. economy providing jobs for people and revenue for hospitals, schools and other public institutions. In B.C. there are over 5,300 skilled forest professions ensuring B.C. forests are here for generations to come.